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In this episode of the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show, host
Christopher E. Powell speaks with Dr. Adolph Brown III.


OvercomeYour Limits Radio Show - Dr. Adolph Brown III

Dr. Adolph Brown III

President and CEO
The Leadership & Learning Institute
“The World’s Greatest Edu-tainer”

Dr. Adolph Brown III and Daughter Dana
Dr. Adolph Brown III
Dr. Adolph Brown III is the Founder, President, and CEO of The Leadership & Learning Institute. As a former public school educator & credentialed administrator, full tenured university professor, university dean & businessman, Dr. Brown has studied and worked along side highly successful leaders & educators. He has taken his over 25 years experience and has developed core competencies that are expressed in everything successful business leaders and educators do.Thanks to his hard work, his faith and attitude, and a caring village like you, Adolph has overcome an upbringing of extreme poverty and violence, welfare, fatherlessness, and a single-mother led household to be with you today. Dr. Brown has becomebe one of the world’s most popular speakers with his unique ability to inform as well as entertain. He is famous for his practical toolkit and loved for his inspirational messages. He brings ” the content and the crazy!”. Dr. Brown blends humorous stories with truisms or “REAL TALK” and research to challenge his audiences to live and work more positively. Through his books, audio & video recordings and television & radio talk shows, audiences and individuals continue to love his powerful message delivered in a singular, unorthodox yet down-to-earth style.For more information visit: