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Despite the challenges of having cerebral palsy, Christopher E. Powell has built an amazing life as a successful entrepreneur, mathematician, coach, speaker and radio host. He is the CEO of Math Tutoring Experts, LLC and Reaching New Heights, LLC (Overcome Your Limits). As a mathematician and entrepreneur living with cerebral palsy, Chris knows how to solve big problems and succeed in the face of tremendous odds. Listen to this inspiring in-depth interview with Chris Powell as he discusses the Overcome Your Limits Success Coaching Program and how you can leverage his unique model for achieving “big” goals despite “big” challenges.

In this interview, you will discover how to:

  • Develop a “no excuses” attitude when it comes to success.
  • Eliminate the “inner voice of self-doubt” and develop the confidence of peak performers.
  • Overcome common misconceptions about adversity and opportunity.
  • Avoid the six biggest mistakes that people make when facing challenges, difficult times or adversity.
  • Develop a powerful success mindset for turning adversity into opportunities and using those opportunities to achieve “big” goals.
  • Achieve your greatest breakthrough if you are facing a major life change or career transition.


Here are some of the ways
we can help you Succeed


Peak Performance and
Major Breakthrough Coaching

Would you like a paradigm shift to help you create one of the biggest breakthroughs of your life or career? The OYL Peak Performance and Major Breakthrough Coaching Program with Chris Powell empowers mid- and high-level performers to move beyond plateaus to extraordinary success. Through the OYL accelerated coaching model, Chris helps individuals and teams intensely focus on the activities, relationships, and skills that will give them the greatest breakthroughs. This program helps clients achieve their ideal outcomes by increasing their efficiency, focus, motivation, accountability and creative problem solving skills.

Success Coaching

  Single Issue Coaching

Do you have a single issue or specific challenge that you’ve been struggling with? Chris Powell offers laser focused single issue coaching to help you form an action plan to address nearly any specific challenge. Chris will work with you one-on-one to help you quickly uncover the root cause of your issue, gain clarity around your ideal outcome and formulate an ideal action plan with practical steps for moving from where you are to where you want to be. Your personalized action plan takes into account your ideal outcome, timeline, current skills, resources and network.

Success Coaching

Career Transition and
Life Change Coaching

Whether you have been recently downsized, are feeling burned out and need something new, or are finally ready to pursue your “big” dream, Chris Powell can help you successfully work through your major life change or career transition. No matter if you’ve already found your passion or need to discover it, Chris Powell and his unique success coaching model will help you bring clarity to your vision and all the things you need to realize it. In your one-on-one sessions, OYL Success Coach Chris Powell will share with you critical steps for your transition and help you develop a detailed plan for your success.

Success Coaching

  Motivation and Self-Confidence Coaching

Do you feel like you’ve lost your edge? Are you feeling as though you are not as focused or as confident as you used to be? Is your excitement and passion for your life, career or business waning? If so, OYL Motivation and Self-Confidence Coaching with Chris Powell can help you reconnect with your ideal vision of yourself and move closer to being the person you’ve always known you could become. Chris will help you reignite your passion, find your edge, and become a person that other people admire. Chris believes your best days are yet to come. Let him help you reaffirm that belief for yourself too.

Success Coaching

Fitness and Athletic
Motivational Coaching

Could you use some extra motivation to get back in the gym or to restart the sport you love? Do you want to get fit but can’t seem to stick to regular workouts? Well, the OYL Fitness and Athletic Motivational Coaching Program with Chris Powell is perfect for you. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, Chris will help you find the inspiration you need to create the “new” you. As a former 8K marathon runner with cerebral palsy, Chris understands finding the time and energy to workout isn’t always easy. Chris will motivate you through the challenging times. His motto is, “If you see me making a similar effort to stay fit, there’s no way you can make excuses because chances are it’s a lot harder for me.” Join this powerful one on one fitness success coaching program with Chris Powell and be inspired to get fit like never before.


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