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In this episode of the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show, host Christopher E. Powell speaks with mental health advocate Maxine Bigby Cunningham about The Empowered Steps to Wellness. 

Mental Health Speaker - Emotional Wellness Speaker - Maxine Bigby Cunningham

Maxine Bigby Cunningham

Mental Health Advocate

Maxine Bigby Cunningham joins the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show to share her inspiring story and discuss mental health and emotional wellness solutions.

Maxine Bigby Cunningham
Cunningham is an engaging, inspiring, and empowering speaker, workshop leader, writer, author and mental health advocator. She is creator of The Empowered Walking Steps to Wellness, a proprietary system for overcoming impediments to mental and emotional wellbeing. As a direct result of her services and products, individuals experiencing a loss, mental disorder or emotional crisis; clinicians, counselors, coaches and care-givers; and families and friends who shower “in spite of” love receive novel tools and “inside-out” strategies for optimal well-being – for both others and themselves.

She addresses the hard question, “What must I do to be well in body, mind ad spirit?” Her articles appear in personal growth, mental health and Christian living publications.

While recovering from fainting episodes, Cunningham chronicled her 11-year journey to recovery. This is a story of healing brokenness of the body, mind and spirit. The memoir and wellness guide – Power Walking, A Journey to Wholeness, published in 2008, sets forth The Empowered Walking Steps to Wellness. In 2011, Cunningham founded Empowered Walking Enterprise/ Ministries LLC.

Cunningham resides in Maryland. She received a Masters of Public Administration degree from Syracuse University and certificates in management, Christian studies, and mental health education from various accredited institutions. Cunningham was a Senior Executive in the U.S. civil service and a director of grassroots nonprofit organizations before becoming an author and entrepreneur. Cunningham is passionate in her promotion of mental and emotional wellness.

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