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Setbacks to Springboards!

Obstacle or Opportunity? Setback or Springboard? Can setbacks actually propel us to greater opportunities in the future? Could it be in how we perceive what happens to us? If we can look at our circumstances and grow from them, there is a possibility to learn even more about ourselves. Here are three ways to think about overcoming setbacks when they come into our lives.

1. Try not to think of it as being singled out. Everybody has different difficulties to go through. Remember that others are also going through their own type of particular adversity. By analyzing the lives of others and their challenges, we may even gain a greater appreciation for the things that we currently have but may not have realized. In addition, often times in order to get better and stronger, we will have to go through some type of adversity to get there. It is just part of the process.

2. Use experiences as something to study from for future reference. There is nothing more powerful than a previous experience of a situation or event that we can learn from. Making adjustments in life is forever ongoing. When moments come that cause difficulty or pain, tweaking or changing the way we think or act may make all the difference in the world going forward.

3. Experiences can give us expertise in possibly helping others who may be going through similar situations. Others may look up to us as a voice of experience in what to do when difficulties arise. This will set you apart from the pack and potentially give you a very strong voice and platform!

As much as we may not like going through setbacks or disappointments, they are going to occasionally come once in a while. If we can get beyond the emotion momentarily and study what has happened, the difficulty may actually make us stronger over time.