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In this episode of the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show, host Christopher E. Powell speaks with Monica Davis, the Publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.

Monica Davis

Founder and Publisher
Exceptional People Magazine

Bestselling Author Monica Davis joins the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show to discuss exceptional secrets to success.

About Monica Davis
Monica Davis is Founder and President of Atela Productions and Publisher of Exceptional People Magazine, one of the leading self-improvement and personal development publications in the country. Monica is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer, media coach, and award-winning television host and producer. She is the best-selling author of the new books, Welcome to the Top: Secrets to Success from Leading Entrepreneurs and Start Your Business Right: A Comprehensive Guide to Entrepreneurship Success. As a publisher and television host, Monica has interviewed many of the most successful people in the world including CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs and humanitarians. Monica uses her business expertise, publications and interactions with today’s top leaders to help others overcome setbacks, transform their lives and successfully achieve their highest potential by pursuing their passion without fear.

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