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In this episode of the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show, host Christopher E. Powell speaks with women’s health advocate Sasha Ottey about polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Sasha Ottey - PCOS Challenge

Sasha Ottey

Executive Director
PCOS Challenge, Inc.

Sasha Ottey joins the Overcome Your Limits Radio Show to share her inspiring story and discuss polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition that affects over seven million women in the U.S.

Sasha Ottey
Sasha Ottey is Founder and Executive Director of PCOS Challenge, Inc., a nonprofit support organization for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS is a complex endocrine and metabolic disorder that affects multiple systems in the female body. It is estimated to impact one-in-ten women of childbearing age and can lead to other serious conditions such as endometrial cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and infertility.

Sasha started PCOS Challenge, Inc. after her own diagnosis and dissatisfaction with the availability of support resources for the condition. Since its founding in 2009, the organization has grown to more than 19,000 members worldwide.

Sasha is a Clinical and Research Microbiologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from Howard University and a Master’s in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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