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Three Great Benefits of Having a Coach

by Christopher E Powell

Coaches can be great avenues to help bring out the best in a client who may be trying to accomplish a goal or who needs to find their way. We see this every day in athletics. Even the greatest of athletes all had coaches to help guide them, train and advise them on how to maximize their true greatness. Can you imagine Michael Jordan, without Phil Jackson? Our Olympic athletes, who train for many years to reach the pinnacle of success, have had coaches to help prepare them for the ultimate competition. Having someone else besides yourself to see not only the good, but also things that might need changing or correcting are definite reasons why coaches can be and is extremely valuable.

Coaches are not just for athletes, but also can help individuals or teams who are looking for success in their personal and/or career goals. Having someone who is dedicated to examining where you are currently and devising a plan to help grow your idea into reality and practice is extremely useful and vital.

There are three reasons why having a coach to help you achieve your full potential is so critical.

The first reason is to have someone devise a plan to assist you in what you want. Coaches are there to share the burden of exactly what you want and to come up with a strategy to help you get there. Having a plan, setting a schedule and keeping deadlines are a major responsibility that a coach has when working with a client.

The second reason is time. We all can do things on our own, but having the ability to work with someone else who is dedicated to helping you become the best just makes things that much easier. Having a coach saves precious time that could be used for other things.

The last reason to have a coach is basically to have someone in your corner that supports what you are trying to accomplish and has your best interests. Setting goals or trying to make changes in your life can be emotionally taxing. A coach can often times help you stay on target and keep the focused on your ultimate aim and help you minimize distractions that often come.

If you are determined to accomplishing a relevant goal, a coach can definitely assist you to achieve what you desire in less time and with less stress than if you were going to achieve this by yourself. Lastly, having someone to listen to and explain exactly where you would like to be can often be realized faster by having a coach develop a tailor-made program just for you.

The following are just three examples of how a coach can benefit individuals or teams that are trying to break through to the next level of their personal or professional careers to become all that they desire. Of course, there can be many, many more advantages as the bond becomes closer.

It is always a coaches hope to see the person or team that they are helping maximize their greatest gifts and desires!